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AKA- a simple site, for a simple bear!
Last updated on April 27, 2006 - previous Nov 2004 Most of Tamy's stuff is moved here, rather than all over the place. Snuffle Fic and postcards/fic at Snuffles Gate Command.

Update April27, 2006!!!
Tamy is writting FanFic again *pause for shudder!* until site can be updated, you can view the fic on LiveJournal *double shudder* at SnufflesDBear or you can go directly to the LJ Memories section. Mostly CSI:NY for now.

Dogs page
Vermande family weblinks

Lists I own

The Boy - mostly just fic

More Lists I run, manage and am a member of, as well as more info on all the lists.

My Pages

Original fic (18 and older, please!)
SnuffleBear Snuffle Bear photo manips, fan fic, The Sentinel, Stargate SG1, "all snuffles,all the time".
Other Websites I run and manage


The stories on some of these sites may be adult in nature. They may contain graphic scenes of a sexual nature, and discuss same-sex relationships and therefore maybe rated NC17 (USA), 18 (UK).

Please read all disclaimers/warnings on each page.

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